ATF Synthetic

Top Tec ATF 1200 G

Synthetic technology automatic transmission oil of the latest generation. Prevents build-up of harmful deposits. Arrive at your destination faster and safer with maximum transmission performance and power reserves. Exceeds the highest test requirements demanded by renowned manufacturers. Ensures exact friction behavior and guarantees outstanding ageing resistance. Highest lubrication security under all conditions. Secures the functional performance of the aggregate and ensures long service life. With advanced wear-protection technology.

Intended use

For automatic transmissions, manual shift transmission, steering systems, hydraulic and lateral drives both in the car and in the commercial vehicle sector. Use according to the aggregate or car and transmission manufacturer’s prescribed specifi cations

Top Tec ATF 1400

Top Tec ATF 1400 is a high performance automatic transmission fluid of the new generation based on synthetic technology. It was developed specifically for use in CVTs with thrust link belt or a gear chain made of steel. The basis of modern base oils and select additives offer the best possible anti-froth protection, which is necessary for CVTs. It also features a very good stability against aging and oxidation. Top Tec ATF 1400 is tried and tested, most notably in the Mercedes-Benz A-Class and B-Class Autotronic transmissions and in continuously variable automatic transmissions (Multitronic) in Audi vehicles.

Intended use

For the new generation of CVTs with thrust link belt or a gear chain made of steel. The specifications and instructions from the unit or vehicle manufacturer must be followed. Optimum effectiveness is only possible when the product is used unmixed. Note: Not suitable for hybrid CVT (Honda, Ford)!


The selected base oils and special combination of additive impart the special quality to this ATF. Outstanding viscosity-temperature relationship and high chemical resistance. Excellent wear resistance and effective frictional behaviour. Foam suppression and good air-separation properties. Resistant to ageing, good lubrication pro-pertiesand corrosion protection.

Intended use

Hydraulic systems, servocontrol systems, torque converters and automatic transmissions -- in accordance with the specifications stipulated by vehicle and transmission manufacturers.


LM 50 Litho HT

Squeeze-stable, water resistant, oxidation and corrosion resistant high performance lithium complex soap grease. Can be used everywhere. Guarantees very good wear protection and high-pressure absorbance capacity. Designation acc DIN 51502 KP 2P-35. Service temperature:
– 35 °C to + 150 °C. Intermittent up to + 170 °C.

Intended use

For lubricating mechani cally highly stressed sliding and roller bearings such as clutch release bearings, clutches and wheel hubs or grease-lubricated industrial transmissions.