Wax & Polish

Due to its special composition, Wax & Polish easily cleans, freshens up and preserves the paint surface in a single process. The waxes, silicones and polishing pigments in Wax & Polish guarantee the optimum cleaning of coloured and metallic paintwork as well as providing the optimum sheen with lasting effect.

paint cleaner 600 ml

• Cleans and polishes
• Provides original color depth
• Compensates for minor scratches from
• Removes dirt and weathered paint particles
• Cleans and smoothes the paint

Metallic High Gloss Polish – 600ml

Cleans, protects and treats. For a radiant gloss. With long-life weather protection. Special treatment agent for all metallic paints. Suitable for polishing machines. Repels rain and dirt over long periods and increases the paint’s resistance to damaging environments. The original gloss and appearance is easily restored to slightly weathered and matt paintwork.

Hard Wax – 600ml

Cleans, protects and provides a sheen. Liquid hard wax for a high-gloss seal. With intense long-life protection. This high-quality treatment emulsion protects paintwork against aggressive environments. Also outstandingly suitable for conditioned paints (with Liqui Moly Paint Cleaner). Provides a mirror-like gloss.

Car Polishing Cloth (1595)

Gentle on paint and makes it shine. The porous structure of the cloth provides the correct dosage and full utilization of the wax. Resistant to solvents. Can be washed up to 90 °C.

Intended use

For waxing and polishing. For gentle paint care.

Universal Politur

Cleans, polishes and protects vehicle paints. High-quality plant-based and synthetic components permanently protect the paint against weather and the strain of frequent car washing. A brilliant and lush mirror finish is restored. Suitable for polishing machines.

Intended use

Polish developed for all commercially available vehicle paints with light to moderate signs of wear and tear. Slightly weathered and scratched vehicle paints regain their original appearance. Do not use on matt paints!


For a thorough car wash. Gentle on paint and leaves a sheen. Car-Wash Shampoo with washactive agents removes dust and oily or greasy contamination without trace. Highly biodegradable.

Intended use

For the gentle but thorough cleaning of paint surfaces

Cockpit Glanz

Makes dull and weathered plastics look new again. Plastic components regain their original appearance and do not dry out. Stops wearisome rattles and squeaks. Treatment is without greases, is antistatic and dust repellent. Good lubricating effect on rubber and plastic components, impregnates and insulates -- universal application.

Intended use

For rattling and squeaking fascias and sticking safety belts (spray belt on both sides). For all matt plastics such as plastic bumpers and spoiler etc. For general interior care in vehicles.