Diesel Additives

Common Rail Additives

Protects the components of the fuel system (especially Common Rail Diesel) against wear, corrosion and deposits. Increases the lubricating action of Diesel fuel.

Intended use

Suitable for all Diesel engine vehicles with Common Rail injection systems. Add the contents of the can to the fuel when filling up. 250 ml is sufficient for up to 75 litres of fuel.

Super Diesel Additive

with Cetan Plus for greater engine performance, less Diesel knocking, quieter running and easier starting. Cleans the engine and injection system and prevents injector needles from seizing or revivifying. Secures the optimum utilization and energy-conserving combustion of fuels. Reduces corrosion and wear. The plus for super-Diesel fuels. Suitable for low-sculpture Diesel fuels. Tested for compatibility with turbochargers.

Intended use

Suitable for all Diesel engines in passenger and commercials vehicles, construction machinery and stationary engines. Outstandingly suitable for preserving engines, even during long periods of non-use under extreme conditions. With long-term effect for 2000 km. When the product is added, the tank must be at least 3 /4 full. 250 ml is sufficient for up to 75 litres of fuel.

Diesel Purge

Diesel Purge removes deposits from injectors and the pistons/combustion chamber. Eliminates engine-running problems. No more knocking under partial load -- smoother idling and softer engine running. Cleaner injectors produce optimum engine running. Cleans the whole fuel system. Protects against corrosion. Guarantees good combustion, increased economy and operational reliability.

Intended use

Suitable for helping to solve problems in all Diesel engines. 500ml Content are sufficient up to 75 litres for diesel fuel.

Diesel Smoke Stop

Accelerates soot combustion and significantly reduces soot levels and pollutant smells in the exhausts of Diesel engines. Diesel Soot-Stop therefore improves environmental compatibility. This product also keeps engines and injectors clean, prevents injector needles from seizing, protects against corrosion and prevents Diesel knocking.

Intended use

Suitable for all stationary and non-stationary Diesel engines in passenger and commercial vehicles. 150 ml is sufficient for up to 50 litres of Diesel fuel.

Speed Diesel Additive

Speed Diesel Additive contains a mixture of agents with cleaning, dispersing, and material-protection properties and has been formulated for today’s engines, fuels and running conditions.

Intended use

Added to Diesel fuel for all Diesel engines in passenger and heavy goods vehicles, tractors, construction machinery and stationary engines. Ideally suitable for preserving engines when decommissioned for long periods under extreme conditions.

Pro-Line Diesel System Cleaner

Diesel System Cleaner contains a highly effective combination of cleaning and additives formulated for rapid and cost-effective cleaning of disruptive deposits in the fuel systems of diesel engines. The special additives guarantee optimal corrosion protection and increase ignition performance.

Intended use

Suitable for all diesel engine vehicles including those with Common Rail and pumped-jet injection systems.