Fuel Additives

Octane Plus

Octane plus is designed to improve gasoline engine operation in areas where the octane rating (RON) is too low and causes engine knock, pinging, overheating and other problems associated with low octane gasoline. Raises the octane rating by up to 4 points. Contains no lead or other metallic-compounds that could harm catalytic converters.

Intended use

As additive treatment for all gasoline powered cars to increase performance and reduce problems of low-octane fuels. One can treats up to 50 l of gasoline.

Injection Cleaner

Cleans contaminated petrol injection systems, removes carbon, deposits and deposits from fuel pipes, fuel distributors, injection, and inlet valves -- therefore: ˜ No starting problems and no lean, surging ˜ Smother idling, good throttle response ˜ Low-pollution, environmentally compatible combustion. Promotes accurate injector dosing and fuel atomization. Your engine regains its original performance, Fuel consumption is reduced. Especially suitable for engines with catalytic converters.

Intended use

For eliminating problems such as starting, difficulties, irregular idling, poor throttle response, performance losses, lean surging and poor exhaust values. With a long-term affect lasting 2000 km. When the product is added, the tank must be at least 3/4 full. 300 ml is sufficient for up to 70 litres of fuel.

Valve Clean

Engines are subjected to extreme loads even under normal driving conditions such as town and commuter traffic, short journeys and traffic jams. This sort of use causes the build-up of deposits on valves, in the combustion chamber and in the carburettor. Valve Clean cleans valves, injection systems, intakes, carburettors and combustion chambers and keeps them clean. Clean engines save fuel. Promotes optimum engine performance and fuel utilisation. The combustion produces a lower level of pollutants and the engine is spared. Protects against corrosion and carburettor icing. Tried and tested in turbo-chargers and catalytic converters.

Intended use

For all petrol engines. Suitable for standard and high-octane petrol, leaded and unleaded. 150 ml is sufficient for up to 75 litres of fuel.

Pro-Line Fuel System Cleaner

- cleans fuel residues from and treats the injector system and components of the fuel system after repairs on the fuel system
- removes carbon and other deposits from fuel distributors and injector valves - effective on all injector systems
- precise injector dosage and atomization
- secures the optimum drivability and low fuel consumption
- guarantees low levels of pollutants in the exhaust
- increases operational reliability and economy

Intended use

Suitable for all carburettor and fuel injection systems. To be added directly into the fuel tank. When the product is added, the tank must be at least 3/4 full.

Speed Tec Benzin

Modern fuel additive for improved and smoother acceleration and throttle response in the partial load range. Increased driving pleasure due to higher power utilization. The engine starts easier and runs smoother. Compatible with all gasoline and additive qualities. Noticeably improves acceleration – simply add to gasoline.

Intended use

For all 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. Sufficient for up to 70 ltrs. of gasoline.