Gear Oil Additives

Gear Protect

High-pressure antiwar additive based on the latest technology. Reduces friction and wear. Transmission runs smoother and quieter and gear changes are softer. With lasting effect. Smoothes tooth faces and increases load-bearing capacities

Intended use

For all manual, auxiliary and differential transmissions. The contents are sufficient for 2 litres of gear oil. Due to reduction in friction, not suitable for use on fully automatic transmissions or transmissions with wet clutches. Added any time and during every oil change.

ATF Additive

Due to the additives contained, rubber and plastic seals in power-steering and transmissions receive optimal care. Leaks in the gearbox caused by hardened or brittle seals are prevented or remedied. In addition, holes and ducts in the transmission are cleaned; the performance of the oil is revitalized. The noise from the power-steering will be reduced and the shifting operations are improved. Using ATF Additives, the service life of automatic transmissions can be lengthened and repair costs reduced.

Intended use

Suitable for power-steering and automatic transmissions that are filled with ATF II and ATF III oils. The contents of 250ml or sufficient for up to 8 litter oil volume.

Automatic Transmission Cleaner

Automatic Transmission Cleaner is a highly effective cleaning fluid designed to dissolve disruptive deposits and residues in automatic transmissions in order to provide optimal shifting performance. This thus extends the transmission service life. These highly effective detergent and dispersant additives in association with the carrier fluid have been tested in the laboratory and in practical field trials for their ability to dissolve sludge and lacquer formers.


Add contents of can to warmed up transmission oil before changing the automatic transmission fluid using a funnel and the dipstick. Allow engine to run in neutral for approx. 10 minutes and shift through all gears at least twice with the vehicle in a stationary position. Following the cleaning procedure, carry out an oil and filter change using the corresponding Liqui Moly transmission oil. The contents of one 300 ml can are sufficient for 6 to 9 liters of oil. Liqui Moly Automatic Transmission Cleaner also can be used in conjunction with all commercially available automatic transmission cleaner systems. Ensure that you observe the work instructions provided by the equipment manufacturer.

Gear Oil Additive (MoS2)

This additive has been specially developed for manual and differential transmissions. The product significantly reduces wear and reduces temperature peaks which means quieter running, softer gear changes and energy conservation. The transmission runs more quietly generating less heat. Even older transmission run more quietly with increased efficiency due to the smoothing effect on tooth surfaces. The product increases operational reliability and provides emergency lubrication properties due to the MoS2.

Intended use

Suitable for the rear axle and manual transmissions of vehicles and particularly where the running temperature and wear is high. Because of the reduction in friction caused by MoS2, this product must not be used in fully automatic transmissions or self-locking differential transmissions. Depending on load or noise, 20 gms is sufficient for 1 litre and 50 gms tube for 2.5 liters of gear oil.

Gear Oil leak Stop

Stops oil loss from dripping transmissions. Regenerates hardened rubber and plastic seals. No more oil patches to pollute the environment. Protects clutches from escaping oil, prevents deficient lubrication and damage to the transmission due to the oil level being too low.

Intended use

For all manual, auxiliary and differential transmissions. Do not use in fully automatic transmissions and transmissions with wet clutches. 50 ml is sufficient for up to 1 litre of gear oil.