Radiator Additives

Radiator Stop-Leak

Small leaks or porous solder joints and hairline cracks in the coolant system are not easy to locate (all that is noticed is the sinking coolant level). Radiator Stop-Leak seals these type of leaks immediately and completely. Preserves the combustion chamber from damage due to escaping coolant. Compatible with all commonly used cooling water modifiers and antifreezes.

Intended use

For all coolant water and heating system with and without water filters. Also suitable for aluminium and plastic radiators. 150 ml is sufficient for 10 litres of coolant water.

Radiator Cleaner

Deposits in the radiator/ heating system form a barrier to heat exchange, block thermostatic valves and regulator mechanisms. Temperatures which are too high cause the engine to run economically with a high risk of wear and damage. Radiator cleaner reliably removes these dangerous deposits and allows the engine to run at the optimum temperature and operational reliability.

Intended use

Suitable for all coolant and heating systems. Does not contain aggressive acids or alkalis and is acid neutralising. 300 ml is sufficient for 10 litres of coolant water.