Service & Quality

The Marketing Work

We are marketing our range of engines oils, additives, auto care products and solutions to chemico problems all over the world.

You will find Liqui Moly products in more than 90 countries

Basically we are involving the trade in blanket marketing the entire range of products through retail outlets workshops, filling stations and industry. A cleverly conceived pricing policy guarantees an easier rate of return for all sales channels and marketing stages.

Our sales team at Liqui Moly and in the field are there to support you and lead new customers to you.

We are permanently in the market and available to assit you in selling our products at the different stages of the market right u to the end user.

Working the market together-for us, that is taken for granted.

Absolute Quality

The highest goal is to provide you with the highest possible product quality every time. In order for our chemists to keep themselves informed about current technical developments at all times, they are continually in close contact with industry. Most of our products are based on formulations which we have developed ourselves. They are subjected to continual testing and are fine tuned to the current technical situation. Approval by the motor industry and compliance with the highest specifications for our products this is taken for granted. Continuous quality inspection as an integral part of our productions process provides both you and us additional security.